Summer 2014

June-August 2014

A bust was made from an armature. The piece in progress here will be covered completely and painted. I have assessed it here in a written format.

Bust in Progress.

A three quarter side view detail in progress.

Bust in Progress.

A frontal view detail in progress.

Completed piece

Completed piece.

Completed piece detail

Completed piece detail, slight 3/4 view.


“Thoughts of mind”

Materials- Styrofoam, cardboard, marbles, metal nuts, hot glue, glass pieces.

just so many ideas swirling around in my head

they spill out when i create sculptures.

running together in my mind

but taking shape in a likeness of reality.

the head gives a foundation

for adding pieces to make a whole.

gluing shapes and colors of diverse objects

keeping their unique qualities present.

thoughts take shape inside my head

transferred to the model of foam decorated with

marbles, glass, nuts and bolts.

thinking and creating become one process.

David Stahl – 6/4/14


Completed Multiple Units Project.

Multiples project, front side

Multiples project, front side

Multiples project, back side

Multiples project, back side

Multiples project, side view

Multiples project, side view

Title :

“Images in the background”

Materials – Wooden sticks, hot glue, spray paint

composing sculpture with one kind of material

is like wearing the same clothes every day.

there is a degree of sameness that is presented

when there is no difference in size, shape, and texture.

just using one material is not my style.

forming spaces that allow one to see

images in the background opens the thought process.

painting with two colors adds some variety.

my preference is for greater contrast of

shapes and sizes from small to large,

smooth to rough, dull to sharp,

and having a more solid foundation.

David Stahl – June 2014


Multiples 1

Multiple Units Project Detail 1


Multiple Units Project Detail 2