impressions of my work as a sculptor


when looking at my work it is easy to recognize  patterns

that develop as the piece is created.

what starts as isolated pieces in containers

come together to form a unified image of complementary materials.


the hot glue gun is the instrument

that binds the individual objects into the majestic whole.

a transformation begins as layers are assembled

into a series of towers resting on a solid base.


this is the style i am most noted for.

every artist needs to experiment with new ideas

or risk becoming complacent in their work.

the risks are necessary but unsettling.


it is the processing of change in the familiar patterns

the formation of new habits

the experience of uncertainty

that lead to a greater understanding of sculpture.


allowing time for change to occur slowly

accepting slight variations in making the piece.

this is the process i feel i must follow

to move beyond my habits of comfort.