beyond junk

reuse and recycle what was junk,

that has been transformed into art.

containers now hold and support,

objects that are different than the original use.

the function is now sculpture materials,

not packing for food or medicine.

pieces all of the same unit,

just as a contrast to my familiar style.

multiple sculptures created without a solid base,

another departure from familiarity.

it is not set in stone but having a certain look

gives me a sense that the form is complete.

realizing empty space permits the viewer

to see more of a composition,

and still create pieces that i am comfortable with

is an on going and developing process.

it is ever changing just as the many

shapes, sizes, colors and materials i use.

giving a different function to an empty can

or plastic bottle makes an interesting composition.

bottle caps, wine corks, plastic lids, discarded screws

and various wooden pieces

all assembled with hot glue

take on a new kind of use that is my art.

my sculpture often seems to be a hodgepodge of

a multitude of kinds of scraps and not typical material.

this exploration of recycled material has been a catalyst

for new direction not a completely different style .

my work will continue to be detailed in organization,

but may allow light to show the new side of me.



cans of metal creating finished hills and valleys,

often in a junk pile of discarded trash.

what could be found on the ground,

is now part of my sculpture.

inside was once dog food and some corn,

now the purpose is to be a design.

round shape and metallic look,

far different from a can of food.

things i know go together,

just one new shape.

keeping to a single material,

without a bottom to stand on.

i just want people to look,

the way that kids play and understand.

open your mind so that you see,

it is possible to look for new meaning in the ordinary.


Thoughts of mind

just so many ideas swirling around in my head

they spill out when i create sculptures.

running together in my mind

but taking shape in a likeness of reality.

the head gives a foundation

for adding pieces to make a whole.

gluing shapes and colors of diverse objects

keeping their unique qualities present.

thoughts take shape inside my head

transferred to the model of foam decorated with

marbles, glass, nuts and bolts.

thinking and creating become one process.