blue ice

mounds of shapes covering the ground

like melting snow over a junk pile .

pointed surfaces sticking up

having an effect of disconnect.

round pieces that attach to the hard surface

not smooth as if on it’s own.

inside other objects

creating a different shape when combined.

polished with blue hues

shining on through with shimmery color.

keeping the look of pools of water

with blue ice on the top.

look inside to see the bottom

barely visible under the layers.

opening the box to make a new

base for the formation of blue ice.

see what happens when the ice melts.

david stahl


red cans

red cans glued together,

different from their original purpose.

no longer being a container,

now empty and light.

having a new function,

keeping them from the garbage mounds.

taken for recycling,

keeping the look of cans.

now it is a sculpture,

of empty cans glued together.

making an art piece,

rather than more trash.

looking at it is pleasing,

just makes you think.

it is easy to recycle,

if you just think about it.

David Stahl