2/15/20 – Updated Addition

My initial artist statement is still current today even though I wrote it many years ago. I continue to enjoy the same process of creating sculptures that are all unique with a hot glue gun. As I review my previous comments on my art, I realize some part of me has been open to change. My life has always been based on routines, but expanding experimentation with other sculpture forms has permitted me to change other routines as well. No longer troubled by new experiences has created opportunities that would have been deemed beyond my reach, when composing my first thoughts about art back in high school. My world became larger and more complete as my life as an artist has evolved. It has given me great pleasure to share my work and poems through my website with family and friends. I take pride in presenting at various venues even though I may not be able to speak the words aloud. My growing collection of art and writing talk for me. It allows me to demonstrate my creative self in a language that can be appreciated by all. Going beyond silence, I try to Incorporate my desire for keeping  things the same like having pizza every night to communicating through art. 

David Stahl