Free Standing Piece Detail from IS 2014

Free Standing Piece Detail from IS 2014

in cooperation

it is hard to change a pattern, that is comforting and pleasing to your self.

trying to expand your skill while maintaining that which is unique.

working together to create trust and cooperation.

that which is new and different replacing the familiar.

getting past the need to have space complete.

allowing empty areas to be part of the overall frame.

building without a foundation.

using glue to hold concepts together .

working together to move beyond your idea.

joining styles to create something new .

it requires just openness and interest in the other

person helping to move you forward.

the things that are important to each must remain.

giving up some ideas so new ones may take there place.

looking beyond the individual person

to let a joint project take hold .

keeping some of the past

yet placing the new idea in the frame.

in forging a bond of new and old,

a new understanding grows in cooperation.

David Stahl