Developing my website and cataloging my sculpture and writing has forced me to be more reflective about my work. In addition to exploring a new dimension of using recycled materials, I have begun to realize this is an endless source for my creativity.

Part of my motivation in creating the detailed pieces and describing in my writing is to inspire others to reach beyond complacency, for that which gives you a feeling of fulfillment and pride. It is often difficult for me to make an adjustment to try new things. Creating sculpture without a solid base and using only one material has pushed me out of my comfort zone of a familiar process.

There are many things which inspire my work, but the overall sense of peaceful ideas connecting with a tangible finished product is the most important. My emotions have always been more powerful than the words I can not say. There are infinite possibilities in creating a sculpture with all of the detailed parts in my work. The viewer may see a simple piece assembled with hot glue, or a detailed complex creation that has many possible interpretations.

Some of my pieces are light and playful that I write about in a humorous way. Many of them are dark and bold which I accompany with pensive interpretation in my poems. Even when writing I can not always find the words to describe the intricacies in each piece. That may be for the viewer to decide.