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David’s Totem

Art is imagination made real.

It is the creativity you possess coming alive.

This piece took over six months to complete.

A long time to complete this project.

It involved the assembling of several individual pieces.

We spent months planning and discussing.

The collection of framed works all done.

It is now my studio piece of prominence.

The process involved creating all the unique framed sculptures.

Still maintaining that no two works would be the same.

They all have different materials and color.

One looks like pretzel sticks in a mound.

Some present daylight coming through.

Making a collection of cylindrical pieces.

Good assemblage of circles and round shapes.

One the result of many wine bottles.

Keep all the works a vibrant hue.

Deep crimson red over wooden objects.

Four sides to the totem.

Each has six frames.

Where each frame is placed is subjective.

Can be changed over time.

The totem background being built for me.

Good complement for the sculptures.

Where it is now a focal point in my studio.

David Stahl