Title – “hues of blue”

note that blue has many
shades and many meanings.
on a blue day
could convey despair.

like the wide blue ocean
infers possibilities.
baby blue and sky blue
make happy thoughts.

the royal blue and navy blues
may denote the military.
perhaps the theme is
all of blue.

many lovely flowers
swirling in a dark blue sky.
snowflakes shimmering against
the cold blue night.

blue birds perched
over tiny leaves.
the outdoors often is a mix
of colors and emotion.

it is the collection
of experience and feeling
that permit interpretation
in hues of blue.

david stahl


Title – “hues of blue”

size 9″ X 11 1/2″
materials – clay pieces, satin blue, satin lagoon, and purple glitter spray paint
process – design clay pieces and bisque. affix clay pieces to backing with hot glue gun. spray with blue, lagoon, then glitter paint
piece created 12/15


Detail – “hues of blue”