Title – “in contrast”

in making pottery just pressing into the clay,
leaves an impression creating designs.
shapes can be cut out and molded,
or free form configurations.

details can be added and changes can be made,
flattening the clay out in many ways.
the shaping may begin with a round ball,
pounded and rolled to new dimensions.

stamped or sectioned into small pieces,
creating several patterns each one different.
circles with imprints of flowers,
or stars that can shine when painted.

figures that have no standard name,
next to those with specific characteristics.
mixing several sizes to create a picture,
that has many components.

the process is like painting a scene,
in contrast to using pre-made pieces.
relying on formed wooden and glass objects,
or creating my own pieces with clay.

david stahl

size 31 1/4″ X 12″
materials – clay pieces, gloss grape spray paint
process – spray background with gloss paint, mold, bisque, and glaze clay pieces, affix to backing with hot glue gun
piece created 1/16


Title – “in contrast”


Detail – “in contrast”