it is out with the old habits
if it was a set routine that became a habit it was difficult to break.
room for new opportunities were limited.
i was of the mindset that each routine had a purpose which must continue.
even my sculptures became routine using a base and gluing as many objects as i could.
many shapes of different materials in a compact style.
objects for sculptures included things recycled such as bottle caps and corks.
in addition there were items such as metal nuts and bolts.
i first had to be willing to try working without a solid base.
understand changing the form is not easy for me to do.
opportune moments to experiment left me wondering if it was worth it.
by taking a risk with new things in my sculpture other small changes were also possible.
just an alteration in style led to exploration with new mediums.
both size and shape began to change with the introduction of framed art pieces.
working with clay brought another dimension to sculpture.
getting my hands dirty made me feel uncomfortable.
little by little i began to like the feel of the clay.
having a website became a way to show some of my work and write about it.
studio renovation led to the addition of a storage room with wall space for display.
the disruption during the process led to the breaking of an old habit.
dealing with a temporary space meant i had to change the way i work.
these transitions have made it possible for me to look at other old habits.
trying new foods for lunch that i would never eat before.
using a gym to exercise thinking about getting stronger.
looking at the symbolism of making molds to give permanence to my art.
i will never be free from my requirement for routine but have been able to leave some old habits behind.
david stahl