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Once Upon A Chair

Art transformed a common object,

That was part of a kids life.

It represents the passage from childhood to adulthood.

The first sculpture was never finished.

All the glass pieces had to be removed.

The sculpture was then remade using wood pieces.

It left the outer shape intact,

But now with a different function.

No longer like a play chair.

Where a child could sit reading freely.

Now repurposed tying a familiar object with my art.

You can recognize a chair under the glittery materials.

Crimson red with shimmering silver sparkle.

More than a simple piece of furniture with glued pieces.

Now an addition to the totem common space.

A focus point for my display.

Waiting to be accompanied with an enclosed table.

Once upon a chair the movement stopped.

Imagination took its place.

A school item became sculpture.

Now art remains with the child’s chair.

David Stahl