Title – “open up”

turn the knobs of your mind,
imagine what this could be.
many like pieces forming an image,
it is for the viewer to decide.

may be buildings crowded together,
when seen from a distance.
could be a spider web,
with several captures inside.

possibly a look at bubbles,
in red shimmering water.
or lots of nuts gathered,
by a squirrel for winter.

at places where people collect,
coming close to make a crowd.
but still separated,
keeping their own spaces.

unified yet distinct,
touching but not combined into one.
think of other possibilities,
open up your mind.

david stahl

Title – “open up”
size 10 1/4″ X 8 1/4″
materials – wood pieces, gloss brown, red and silver metallic spray paint
process – affix wood pieces to backing with hot glue. spray brown, red and then silver metallic paint
piece created 11/15


Title – “open up”

Detail – “open up”