title – the book of sculpture

size 12 by 10 in
materials – assorted wood pieces, purple and metallic spray paint
process – affix wood pieces to backing with hot glue gun. spray with purple then metallic spray paint
piece created 9/15

detail view- the book of sculpture

DS5the book of sculpture

like pages in a book
each frame tells a part of the story.
coming together only at the end
when viewed as a whole.

point to the beginning
by starting with a blank
as in the empty space
waiting to be filled with ideas.

slowly add a layer
held in place with permanence
one on top of the other
all objects touching each other.

the picture unfolds
like characters in a novel
coming alive when
painted with brilliant colors.

each frame like a chapter
assembled from beginning
to the completion
when viewed side by side.

David Stahl