The Clay Garden

the clay garden

imagine a lump of clay

that blooms into a beautiful flower.

pieces molded into different shapes

with designs that look ever real.

petals and stems and leaves

all coming alive in brilliant colors.

clay takes on many forms

and is very forgiving.

it allows you to change your mind.

there are many ideas in the clay

you just have to find them.

it can become a clay garden.

little flower made by making a cutout.

a stem that is rolled and stamped.

a petal and leaf that are imprinted.

having a background by flattening a piece of clay

and using other shapes to make an impression.

spray painting all the pieces.

it is coming together

in the picture frame.

looking like many flowers

swirling around in a summer storm.

falling back down in the clay garden

staying there for all to see.

David Stahl