The Totem 

It is still not finished 

Yet the end is in sight.  

Hope it is done soon 

As I am growing tired of waiting. 

Would like to see results 

From all my work  

But still have the last 

Three pieces to go. 

Very close but not there 

Feel as if it is too much.

Just a little more 

And then the composition. 

Want to be able to stand back

To view the final project. 

Might it be worth the wait 

And meet expectations. 

If it does not what then 

Maybe an adjustment.

Possibly it will be the culmination 

Of months of planning. 

Success comes with completing the project. 

The largest I have done

Taking the longest time 

The most written about 

Discussed with others.

Can anticipate its realization 

Coming to fruition 


David Stahl