Totem Project Process 

The idea for a large sculpture came about after making a smaller four sided piece. 

This is bigger than anything done before. 

A long term project taking more time than any other work. 

Collaboration with another person necessary. 

Can not build the totem pole background. 

Not like the help with typing my ideas. 

They are my own thoughts and words.

The totem base is being constructed for me. 

Each section will display eight framed pieces.

Have to decide where each will go. 

Black frames positioned on the white background.

Must make sure each border is clean. 

Each framed piece is an indication of my uniqueness . 

No two are the same but all share my complex style. 

Different composition of objects and colors. 

Do they complement or clash. 

Each piece can be interchangeable. 

The totem foundation is permanent but placement can change. 

Excited that the first stage is complete. 

It has become bigger than the initial idea. 


Pieces together 

And separate, 

Sections come apart 

And can move. 

Start with the top 

Make special pieces. 

Finish all parts 

Of the puzzle. 

David Stahl