This page has been updated and archived from a series of framed works that were completed between August 2015 and December 2015. The works are framed and hang in relief format on the wall. The works are available for sale via this blog post.

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large scale evolving to a small scale,
concentrating on an even plane.
making the piece within a frame,
creating a picture out of similar objects.

having the viewer in mind,
when making sculptures for hanging.
different from the work with a base,
ready for display on a wall.

thinking of designs with flowing patterns,
continuous contemplation.
looking at the boundary of the frame,
with no definite starting point.

but all objects touching,
leaving no empty spaces.
taking ideas from pages of past reading,
ever coming alive.

letting the artwork evolve,
resisting the desire to add pieces.
presenting images that are complete,
but permit your imagination to wander.

each person may find a different meaning,
thinking of a scene from past experience.
the collection is designed to convey feelings,
of fluidity, harmony and inspiration.

david stahl


Title: “look at you”

size: 9 1/2″ X  11 1/2″
materials: buttons, satin pink and silver glitter spray paint
process: affixed button pieces to backing with hot glue. spray with pink then glitter paint

piece created 10/15/15


Detail: “look at you”

in the frame
it is staring at you.
many eyes
seeing you.
from all perspectives
like seeing through
circles of hope
and unhappiness.
mostly pleasant
but also sad.
the feelings
can change at any thought.
look at you
thinking right now.
it is in the eye
of the viewer.
art takes on
different meaning
for each of us
looking with many eyes.

david stahl


Title: “popsicle sticks”

size: 8″ X 10″
materials: wooden sticks, plum and silver spray paint.
process: hot glue sticks quickly to backing; spray with paint when dry

piece created 11/15/15


Detail: “popsicle sticks”

Popsicle sticks
all on top of each other.
melted together
like a log jam.
Criss crossed
in all directions.
creating a design
to ponder.

david stahl


Title: “green blue pieces”

size: 11 3/4″ X  9 3/4″
materials: wood pieces, satin lagoon and metallic spray paint
process: affix wood pieces to backing with hot glue. spray with blue then metallic paint

piece created 9/15/15


Detail: “green blue pieces”

only wooden pieces
small round balls
circular rings
tiny wheels
open oval beads
spools for thread
flat washers
wood bolts
held together with glue
to create an image
pleasing to see,
creating a picture,
the wooden pieces,
becoming art.

david stahl


Title: “white wood shapes”

size: 11 3/4″ X  9 3/4″
materials: wood pieces, ivory gloss spray paint with gold glitter
process: affixed wood pieces to backing with hot glue. spray with white then gold glitter

piece created 8/15/15


Detail: “white wood shapes”

small wooden shapes,
round in different ways.
pointing in several directions,
yet right next to each other.
like the many times,
people come together.
often with different knowledge,
but in a common place.
held together with glue,
or a common interest.
having individual characteristics,
sharing a similar background.

david stahl


Title: “the book of sculpture”

size: 12″ x 10″
materials: assorted wood pieces, purple and metallic spray paint
process: affix wood pieces to backing with hot glue gun. spray with purple then metallic spray paint,

piece created 9/12/15


Detail: “the book of sculpture”

like pages in a book
each frame tells a part of the story.
coming together only at the end
when viewed as a whole.
point to the beginning
by starting with a blank
as in the empty space
waiting to be filled with ideas.
slowly add a layer
held in place with permanence
one on top of the other
all objects touching each other.
the picture unfolds
like characters in a novel
coming alive when
painted with brilliant colors.
each frame like a chapter
assembled from beginning
to the completion
when viewed side by side.

david stahl


Title: “in opposition”

size: 12″ x  10″
materials:  assorted wood pieces, silver, red, blue, black and spray paint
process: affix wood pieces to backing with hot glue gun. spray with multiple spray paints

piece created 9/1/15


Detail: “in opposition”

lots of tiny shapes .
in every direction.
opposite sides joining.
placed in opposition to each other.
creating more in design.
better than singular pieces.
changing the picture.
chaos melding together.
popping up in places.
smooth in others.
disconnected but contiguous.
creating a common theme.
no longer in opposition.
keeping the pattern cohesive.
the idea coming alive.
like the night time sky.

david stahl


Title: “orange circles”

size: 9″ x 9″
materials:  wooden pieces, satin orange, silver glitter spray paint, shadow box
process: affix wooden pieces into a shadow box, backing with hot glue gun, sprayed with orange, then glitter paint, affixed under glass

piece created 11/19/15


Detail: “orange circles”

pools of orange
sparkle and shine
circles of orange
are super fine.
piled up on top
of one another
glue them together
to each other.
buttons on the bottom
washers on top
keep on going
it is hard to stop.
shiny wooden pieces
when painted bright
with metallic spray
circles of orange light.

david stahl