Multiples 1

title – “edges together”

pointing in all directions,

in unusual fashion,

bottom up and top down,

not going anywhere.

sharp edges sticking out,

being able to see in between,

one in the middle,

many other pieces all around.

not with a solid hold,

looking like it could topple over,

being held together by glue,

creating a hope of togetherness.

spinning around showing many sides,

not knowing where it should be,

coming to stop on the base,

with edges together in a new realm.

each time a different theme,

people see what they want,

spaces creating illusions of climbing,

reaching for an idea.

not an easy path to follow,

changing direction along the way,

turning around and starting over,

it is uncertain where it will wind up.

David Stahl


Materials :: cardboard & metal base.

I created the piece using the edges of box tops and then assembling the corners together. the process was different than usual as i added a base at the end that allows the views from all sides by turning the cylinder.